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Platinum Man
Platinum Man-Elph
Real name Platinum Man
Alias none
Gender Male robot
Alignment Good
Occupation Adventurer
Family none known
Affiliation Metal Women
First appearance Metal Men vol 1 #32 (Jul 1968)
Appearance of death Metal Men vol 1 #32 (Jul 1968)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions Platinum; Tina Platt
Metal Men family logo HY


The other Metal Men wished they had girlfriends to fuss over them like Nameless does for Tin, and even Tina agreed a boyfriend might take her mind off Doc, so Doc created opposite-sex duplicates. But they turn out rather more independently minded than expected. The Metal Women certainly don't want to be slavishly devoted to their male counterparts, and Platinum Man is the emotionless sort of robot Doc wanted Tina to be.

The new team (Nameless joins them) showed they're just as good as the originals by smashing a runaway robot tank. The tank was the forerunner of invading Robot Amazons, who created a cute girl robot who was an alloy of all the MM's metals. She lured the Metal Men into a trap, and the Metal Women had to rescue them, smashing the Amazons. But in the process, a vein of lava opened up and the new counterparts (minus Nameless) sacrificed themselves to save the originals.