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Peter Platinum
Peter Platinum1MillionElph2
DC 1 million logo
Real name Unknown
Alias Peter Platinum
Gender Male
Alignment Neutral
Occupation Adventurer
Family none known
Affiliation none known
Homeworld Earth
First appearance Booster Gold vol 2 #1,000,000 (Sep 1998)
Universe DC One Million
Alternate versions none
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Peter Platinum was a self-centered adventurer from the 853rd Century. He bought his uniform from the Scavenger who most likely stole it from Rip Hunter. The suit had parts of Booster Gold's suit incorporated along with technology from Rip's Time Sphere. While lost in time, Booster Gold was confronted by Peter Platinum, and to Booster Gold's surprise this hero was even more self-obsessed then he.

Peter Platinum attempted to gain the attention of the Justice Legion A after beating the Sons of Solaris. When he met Booster Gold, he was worried that Booster Gold has found him to take a cut of his profits. He tried to pay Booster Gold off to return to the 20th Century and leave him be. Meeting Peter Platinum changed Booster Gold forever and made him a more selfless hero. However, Rip Hunter tracked down Peter Platinum and confiscated his power suit.

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