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Patriot (Steve Trevor)
PATRIOT-Steve Trevor the Patriot pre-crisis
Real name Steven Trevor
Alias Patriot; Steve Howard; Wonder Man
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Occupation US Army Major, later Colonel
Family Greg Trevor (brother); Diana Prince Trevor, aka Wonder Woman (spouse, eventually)
Affiliation US Military Intelligence
First appearance (as the Patriot) Wonder Woman vol 1 #174 (Jan 1968)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions see Patriot disambiguation and Steve Trevor (Pre-Crisis)
Patriot logo


The villain, Angle Man, robbed Wonder Woman of her powers by a ray-device concealed in a camera which one of his henchmen used to snap her picture. At the same time, he anonymously gave Steve Trevor super-power pills which made him super-strong, super-swift, and resistant to damage. Steve decided to become a superhero, and took on the identity of the Patriot. Wonder Woman attempted to carry on her career without powers, but was not successful. Angle Man anticipated that she would give up and marry Steve Trevor, thus taking herself out of the crime-fighting business. But Steve and Wonder Woman figured out the plot, after which Wonder Woman restored her powers temporarily with one of Steve's pills and both of them captured Angle Man and his gang. The camera's power-sapping film was destroyed, restoring the Amazon's powers completely. But she stopped Steve from destroying the power pills, saying they might need the services of the Patriot again someday.


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