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Owlman (Dick Grayson)
Owlman robin dc
Earth One
Real name Dick Grayson
Alias Robin, Owlman
Occupation Superhero
Alignment Good
Family Bruce Wayne aka Batman (guardian); John Grayson (father, deceased); Mary Grayson (mother, deceased)
Affiliation Batman & Robin; Gotham City (home city); Flying Graysons
First appearance (as Owlman) Batman vol 1 #107 (Apr 1957)
Universe Pre-Crisis; Earth-One
Alternate versions see Robin, Nightwing and Owlman disambiguations


Dick Grayson was exposed to a strange gas from a box left in Batman's safekeeping after Superman found it floating in outer space, and he fell unconscious, only to wake up the next morning as an adult. He was unable to assist Batman in his crime-fighting due to his costume now being too small, his not being used to his larger size, and the fact that inside he was still a teenager. Nevertheless, against orders to the contrary, Dick decided to use an owl masquerade costume and became 'Owlman', joining Batman in a battle against a trio of former circus acrobats-turned criminals, who called themselves the Daredevils. By The change wore off quickly and Dick Grayson resumed his own teenage identity.