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Osiris (Amon Tomaz)
Osiris rar
New Earth
Real name Amon Tomaz
Alias Osiris
Alignment Neutral
Gender Male
Occupation Adventurer
Family Adrianna Tomaz aka Isis (sister)
Affiliation Black Marvel Family; Black Lantern Corps; Teen Titans
Home country Kahndaq
First appearance 52 vol 1 #23 (Dec 2006)
Universe New Earth/Post-Crisis
Alternate versions see Osiris (disambiguation)
Osiris logo


Amon Tomaz was the brother of Adrianna Tomaz. He was enslaved at a young age and badly beaten so that he became unable to walk. When rescued by his sister, now the heroine Isis, Black Adam granted him a portion of his power, and he become the hero Osiris whenever he said Black Adam's name.

Osiris started off as a hero, and traveled to America to join the Teen Titans. However, in a conflict with the Suicide Squad, Osiris used too much force and accidentally tore the Persuader in half. Amanda Waller used this to turn public opinion against the Black Marvel Family.

Osiris sought to rid himself of the powers bestowed on him. Black Adam reminded Osiris that his powers were a gift, not a curse. The family fought each other, but Osiris finally regained calmness. However, later he spoke Black Adam's name, ridding himself of the power of Shazam. Sobek took advantage of the situation and feasted on Amon's helpless and crippled body. He was transformed into a Black Lantern sometime after this, but was later restored to life.

New Earth/Post-Crisis[]

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