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Ornitho--C--Wanderers- Rat
Pre-Zero Hour
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Real name Unknown
Alias Ornitho
Occupation Adventurer
Alignment Good
Family none known
Affiliation Wanderers
First appearance Adventure Comics vol 1 #375 (Dec 1968)
Appearance of death Wanderers vol 1 #1 (Jun 1998)
Universe Pre-Zero Hour
Alternate versions Aviax


Ornitho was a member of the Wanderers, a travelling group of heroes who battled against evil. He had the power to transform himself into any kind of avian creature.

At one point the Wanderers' ship accidentally flew through the Nefar Nebula, which contained a strange radiation that caused them to turn evil temporarily . Their first illegal act was to steal the legendary Seven Stones of Alactos. Their friends, the Legion, had no choice but to hunt them down and return the gems. But at the same time, a mysterious giant gauntlet appeared out of nowhere and challenged the ‘mightiest’ Legionnaire to a battle. It was decided that the best way to find the ‘mightiest’ Legionnaire was to turn it into a contest while hunting down the Wanderers. Unsurprisingly, even though they put up a good challenge, one by one the Wanderers were defeated by the Legionnaires.

Once the Wanderers returned to normal they renewed their friendship with the Legion and continued in their heroic activities, occasionally assisting the Legion, for example in the battle with the Daxamite army of Darkseid.

Some years later, the Wanderers were tragically killed, and clones created of their bodies. Ornitho's clone was named Aviax.

Classic period (Adventure Comics/Action Comics)[]