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Nocturna (Natasha Knight)
Real name Natasha Knight
Alias Nocturna
Gender Female
Alignment Bad
Occupation Astronomer; Criminal
Family Anton Knight aka Night-Slayer/Thief of Night (adoptive brother); Charles Knight (adoptive father)
Affiliation Anton Knight aka Night-Slayer/Thief of Night
First appearance Detective Comics vol 1 #529 (Aug 1983)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions Nocturna (Andrea Allen)
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Natasha Knight had been a street orphan who was adopted by gangster, Charles Knight, so becoming the adoptive sister of his son, Anton. She became an astronomer, but an accident turned her skin white and light-sensitive. After some years, she and Anton formed a criminal partnership, but this was complicated by the attraction she had for Bruce Wayne, and she was, at one time, the legal guardian of Jason Todd, an orphan Bruce had taken in. However, she never gained Jason's trust, and she eventually let him return to Wayne Manor. The romantic relationship with Bruce Wayne fizzled out.

Her criminal partnership with Anton broke up, and they became enemies. At one time he stabbed her and she was presumed dead, although she survived and later joined the Injustice League.