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Nightstar (Kingdom Come)
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Real name Mar'i Grayson
Affiliation Titans; Justice League; formerly Silent Cavalry
Family Richard Grayson (father); Koriand'r (mother, deceased); Ibn al Xu'ffasch (husband); Unnamed son and daughter; Bruce Wayne (father-in-law); Talia al Ghul (mother-in-law); Ra's al Ghul (grandfather-in-law, deceased);
First appearance Kingdom Come vol 1 #4 (Aug 1996)
Appearance of death Kingdom Come vol 1 #4 (Aug 1996)
Universe Kingdom Come/Earth-22
Alternate versions none known
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Mar'i Grayson, Nightstar, was the daughter of Dick Grayson and Koriand'r. When Superman came out of retirement after the destruction of Kansas, she joined Batman's Silent Cavalry team - against the wishes of her father, who had joined Superman's Justice League. She rescued her father from the U.N. nuclear strike.

Kingdom Come/Earth-22[]