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Nightshade (Kingdom Come)
KC Nightshade
Kingdom Come logo
Real name Eve Eden
Affiliation Justice Battalion
Family none known
First appearance Kingdom Come vol 1 #1 (May 1996)
Appearance of death Kingdom Come vol 1 #1 (May 1996)
Universe Kingdom Come/Earth-22
Alternate versions see Nightshade disambiguation
Nightshade logo


Nightshade was a member of the Justice Battalion team led by Magog, who sought to permanently defeat all known supervillains. She and several Justice Battalion members were in the process of apprehending the Parasite in Kansas. The Parasite pleaded for mercy, but his pleas went ignored, so instead he attacked by grabbing and ripping apart Captain Atom, which unleashed a massive amount of quantum energy that took out most of the team except for Magog and devastated the entire region of Kansas.

Kingdom Come/Earth-22[]