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Nightman (Bruce Wayne)
Night-Man WF155 RT
Real name Bruce Wayne
Alias Batman
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Occupation Superhero
Family Dick Grayson aka Robin (ward); Thomas Wayne (father, deceased); Martha Wayne (mother, deceased)
Affiliation Justice League of America; Gotham City (home city); Batman & Robin
First appearance (as Nightman) Wolrd's Finest vol 1 #155 (Feb 1966)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions see Batman disambiguation
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As Superman and Batman approached their 1,000th case together, Batman claimed that he wasn't worthy of the festivities in his honor. He felt that he had failed as Superman's partner, due to the latter's teaming with a mysterious new crimefighter: Nightman. Superman suggested that Batman should try to solve the mystery of Nightman's identity. Robin further suggested that he could be "a sinister figure, pretending he's against crime to further some plot of his own!". Gordon gave him seven days to come through.

Over the next week, Batman worked without sleep to determine Nightman's identity. As it turns out, Nightman was in fact ... Bruce Wayne. Superman had hypnotized his friend into assuming the Nightman identity at night to give Batman a challenging case to solve, as thanks for all he's done.


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