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New Wave (Rebecca Jones)
New Wave-MoD-Elph
Real name Rebecca Jones
Alias New Wave; Becky
Occupation Mercenary
Alignment Bad
Family Windfall (sister); Unnamed mother (deceased)
Affiliation Masters of Disaster
First appearance Batman & the Outsiders vol 1 #9 (Apr 1984)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions none known
Masters of Disaster logo


Rebecca Jones, alias New Wave had the power to transform all or part of her body to water and then control it. She was the leader of the Masters of Disaster, a group of mercenaries who specialized in causing natural disasters. She was also the only one of the group who was truly an evil person. She coerced her younger sister, Wendy, alias Windfall into joining the team. Later, after the team had split up, New Wave murdered Shakedown when they were working together.

Note: New Wave's history continued mostly unchanged after Crisis up to the time of Rebirth, when a new Prime Earth version appeared.