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Mrs Superman (Dana Dearden)
New Earth
Real name Dana Dearden
Alias Obsession (Dana Dearden); Mrs Superman
Alignment Neutral
Family none known
Affiliation Galaxy Communications
First appearance (as Mrs Superman) Adventures of Superman vol 1 #574 (Jan 2000)
Appearance of death Adventures of Superman vol 1 #574 (Jan 2000)
Universe New Earth/Post-Crisis
Alternate versions Obsession (Dana Dearden)
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Dana Dearden was a Galaxy Communications employee who was obsessed with Superman and was christened 'Obsession' by Jimmy Olsen, whom she had used as a way to meet her idol.

After two failures to get Superman to be her love, Obsession resurfaced with a new costume. She turned up right after a story had broken about Superman being spotted wearing a wedding ring. When Dana turned up in a Superman-styled costume, onlookers believed she was 'Mrs Superman'. Dana was angry at Superman's "two-timing" and attacked him. Superman had to shake her to her senses when some humans-turned-demons attacked a small store. Dana helped Superman take them down and apparently died in the process.

New Earth/Post-Crisis[]

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