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Moonman (Brice Rogers)
Moon man villain dc
Real name Brice Rogers
Alias Moonman
Gender Male
Alignment Bad
Occupation Astronaut
Family none
Affiliation none
First appearance World's Finest vol 1 #98 (Dec 1958)
Universe Pre-Crisis; Earth-One
Alternate versions none
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Astronaut Brice Rogers made a space flight around the moon. During the journey a green comet crossed his trail. When he returned to Earth, moonlight caused him to become a criminal called the Moonman. In the morning, his normal personality returned, but he forgot everything that had happened.

Batman, Robin and Superman tangled with the Moonman who gave off Kryptonite radiation that weakened Superman. Rogers eventually realized that he was the Moonman and tried to turn himself in, but some crooks captured him to act as their leader. Eventually the comet’s radiation wore off returning Rogers to normal. The super-heroes were then able to capture the gang with Rogers' help.