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Miss Arrowette
Real name Bonnie King
Alias Miss Arrowette
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Occupation Superhero
Family Millie King (mother, estranged)
Affiliation none known
First appearance World's Finest vol 1 #113 (Nov 1960)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions none known, but see Green Arrow disambiguation and Arrowette
Green Arrow family logo HY


As a child, Bonnie was enrolled in an archery program by her domineering mother Millie, who kept a constant and strict eye on her daughter's progress. Bonnie was exceptional at the sport, even going so far as to win an Olympic bronze medal.

Living alone in Star City, Bonnie was inspired by the heroics of Green Arrow and Speedy and decided to revisit her archery skill as a superhero. She made a costume for herself and officially became Miss Arrowette, with an arsenal of trick arrows (such as the Powder Puff Arrow).

Despite her archery skill, Bonnie was not good at other aspects of super-heroism and, eventually, Green Arrow persuaded her to give up her Miss Arrowette identity.

Note: In Post-Crisis/New Earth continuity, Bonnie later married Bernell Jones and her daughter, Cissie King-Jones, became superheroine Arrowette.