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Mighty Boy (Reuben)
Mighty boy
Real name Reuben (other names unknown)
Alias Mighty Boy; The Strongest Boy in the World
Occupation Farm lad; Fake strongboy
Alignment Good
Family Unnamed father
Affiliation Jay V Atkins (crooked agent)
First appearance Superboy vol 1 #1 (Apr 1949)
Universe Pre-Crisis; Earth-One
Alternate versions Mighty Boy (Zarl Kazzan)
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Young farm lad Reuben demonstrated his strength on a test your strength machine at a fairground, and was spotted by crooked promoter Jay V.Atkins. He offered to make Reuben "the strongest boy in the world" and, as his farm was not doing well, Reuben's dad said he should take the offer. Atkins and his crony put Reuben into a mchine that was supposed to multiply his strength a thousandfold, and then issued a challenge to Superboy to compete against 'Mighty Boy'. Atkins used tricks to make Mighty Boy appear stronger than Superboy, but then crooks kidnapped Reuben, who found he wasn't super-powered after all. Superboy saved him and returned him to his farm, which his father turned into a physical culture school.