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Midnight (Kingdom Come)
Kingdom Come logo
Real name Charles McNider
Affiliation Justice League
Family none known
First appearance Kingdom Come vol 1 #2 (Jun 1996)
Era Kingdom Come/Earth-22
Alternate versions see Doctor Mid-Nite disambiguation
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Charles McNider had been the superhero known as Doctor Mid-Nite. After his death his spirit failed to pass into the afterlife and remained on Earth in the form of a billowing black smoke cloud, haunting his classic cape and cowl. McNider's spirit decided to continue his life of heroism, removing the 'Doctor' part of his codename, to become known simply as 'Midnight'. He joined the Justice League when Superman came out of retirement. He travelled with the rest of the team to the Gulag to contain the prisoner revolt. Captain Marvel arrived and blasted the Gulag, freeing all the prisoners, who then attacked the surrounding Justice League members.

Kingdom Come/Earth-22[]