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MAT Mentalla rr
Pre-Zero Hour
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Real name Delya Castil
Alias Mentalla
Occupation Former Academy student: Criminal (pretending)
Alignment Good (pretending to be bad)
Family none known
Affiliation Fatal Five (Pre-Zero Hour); Legion Academy (Pre-Zero Hour)
Homeworld Titan
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes vol 3 #14 (Sep 1985)
Appearance of death Legion of Super-Heroes vol 3 #26 (Sep 1986)
Universe Pre-Zero Hour
Alternate versions none known
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Delya Castil was born on the moon Titan in the orbit of Saturn and was trained in the use of her telepathic abilities. When she went as far as she could on Titan she applied to join the Legion of Super-Heroes but was rejected in favor of Tellus.

Delya later joined the Legion Academy. But she quickly got bored and decided to use Bouncing Boy's example and tackle a villain on her own by joining the new Fatal Five. Unfortunately, she soon got in over her head.

Even though the Emerald Empress did not suspect her, she did keep a close eye on her and, when Mentalla turned on the Fatal Five, she killed her immediately. But Mentalla's last act allowed the Legion to defeat the Fatal Five and she died a hero.

70s/80s (Superboy & the LSH/LSH vols 2 & 3)[]

Non-canonical versions[]