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The Mask (Nina Close)
Real name Nina Close
Alias The Mask
Occupation Millionaire's spouse
Alignment Bad
Family Brutus Close (spouse)
Affiliation none
First appearance Wonder Woman vol 1 #24 (Jul 1947)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-Two
Alternate versions none
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Timid Nina Close was married to millionaire Brutus Close. She resented that he spent most of his time and money on big game hunting while being stingy and cheap towards her at home. Nina's plan to sabotage the plane he used for his trips failed, and so she set her plan in motion to become the Mask and get rid of both her husband and his pilot, Fancy Framer. She donned a black wig to cast suspicion on the pilot, and mimicked behavior.

The Mask succesfully placed a mask on her husband's mouth that prevented him from speaking or eating. A poison would be released into his mouth unless a million dolalrs ransom was paid. She also captured and masked Wonder Woman and the Holliday Girls. However, Wonder Woman broke free and captured the Mask. The years of neglect had led to Nina's breakdown, and she was sent to a sanatorium to recover.