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Marvel Maid (Lea Lindy)
Marvel maidSupergirl Actioncomics273 RT
Real name Lea Lindy
Family Jaal-Kor (father, deceased); Marvel Man (Ken Clark) (cousin)
Affiliation Terra (homeworld); Macropolis (home city); Daily Planet (employer)
First appearance Action Comics vol 1 #272 (Jan 1961)
Era Pre-Crisis; Earth-One
Alternates see Supergirl disambiguation
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Lea Lindy was 'Marvel Maid', superheroine of the planet Terra, a world many light years from Earth. She was a lookalike for Supergirl.

Marvel Maid came from a destroyed underground civilisation on Terra, and came to the surface world where she established herself as superheroine 'Marvel Maid'. She worked as a reporter for the Daily Planet, under editor Perry Waite, in the city of Macropolis. Later, her cousin Marvel Man (Ken Clark) arrived there, too. He had spent years in suspended animation and become an adult. Marvel Maid decided he should be her secret 'ace-in-the-hole', and established a civilian identity for him as Ken Clark, a prisoner. When he was needed, he would secretly break out of jail.