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Manhunter (Tangent)
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Real name(s) Unknown
Affiliation Secret Six; Outsiders
Family none known
First appearance Tangent Comics: Secret Six vol 1 #1 (Dec 1997)
Appearance of death Tangent Comics: Superman's Reign vol 1 #5 (Sep 2008)
Universe Tangent Universe/Earth-9
Alternate versions see Manhunter disambiguation
Manhunter (1994)


The real identity of the hero, Manhunter, was unknown. After a successful mission to destroy the brutal regime leader, Darkside, she joined the heroic Secret Six team. Later, she was killed by Powergirl, and the identity of 'Manhunter' was adopted by Lori Lemaris, who had been one of the three women previously masquerading as the Joker.

Tangent Universe/Earth-9[]