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Magno (Dyrk Magz)
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Real name Dyrk Magz
Alias Magno
Occupation Legionnaire
Alignment Good
Family Unnamed parents; Omar Magz (elder brother); Trin Magz (sister); Lev Magz (younger brother)
Affiliation Legion of Super-Heroes (Earth-247)
Homeworld Braal
First appearance Legionnaires vol 1 #43 (Dec 1996)
Universe Earth-247
Alternate versions Bizarro-Dyrk Magz
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Dyrk Magz was from the planet Braal, and had the same power over magnetism as the others of his race. He applied for membership of the Legion, and was accepted at the same time as Umbra and Sensor. His career as a Legionnaire was quite short, however, as he lost his magnetic power during a battle with Mordru, and was forced to resign from the Legion.

He soon returned to the Legion as a staff member aboard the Legion Outpost. Interestingly, he was aboard the Legion Outpost when it was bizarro-ised, and so a bizarro duplicate of him was created. Bizarro-Dyrk Magz had powers - suggesting that, in reality, Dyrk's own power was merely dormant as a result of Mordru's mystic energies, rather than non-existent.


Non-canonical versions[]