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Lois Lane (Pre-Crisis)
Real name Lois Lane
Alias Hydro Girl; Super-Lois Lane; Power Girl; Opticus; etc
Occupation Reporter
Alignment Good
Family Lucy Lane (sister); Sam Lane (father); Ella Lane (mother); Louis Lane (cousin)
Affiliation Daily Planet; Metropolis (home city)
First appearance Superman vol 1 #46 (May 1947)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions see Lois Lane disambiguation
Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane logo


Lois Lane was the daughter of Sam and Ella Lane, and had a younger sister named Lucy. Lois was a well-known and highly-respected journalist with the Daily Planet in Metropolis, where her boss was editor, Perry White, She was friends with her colleagues, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen.

Despite her achievements as a journalist, she was best known for her on/off romantic relationship with Superman, which hit frequent difficulties, and never proceeded to the usual conclusion. Among her problems was Lana Lang, who had been Superman's childhood sweetheart and who still loved him. Undoubtedly, Superman also still had feelings for Lana, whilst possibly loving Lois more. Lois and Lana were fundamentally good friends, but their friendship fractured every time the issue of marriage to Superman arose.


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