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Lois Lane (Golden Age)
Lois Lane-1940s-Elph
Real name Lois Lane
Alias Lois Lane; Lois Lane Kent
Occupation Journalist
Alignment Good
Family Samuel Lane (father); Ella Lane (mother); Clark Kent, aka Superman (husband, deceased)
Affiliation Daily Star; Metropolis
First appearance Action Comics vol 1 #1 (Jun 1938)
Appearance of death Infinite Crisis vol 1 #5 (Apr 2006)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-Two
Alternate versions see Lois Lane disambiguation
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Lois Lane was a top reporter on the Daily Star newspaper in Metropolis. She was romantically attracted to Superman, and she sometimes believed that her colleague, Clark Kent, was Superman's secret identity. Lois became romantically attracted to Clark Kent after he lost his memory of his costumed alter-ego (thanks to a spell that was miscast by the old Justice Society of America enemy the Wizard). Relieved of his heroic identity, Clark acted more extroverted. Lois and Clark dated, and were soon married though Lane never gave up on her suspicions that Kent was Superman. On their honeymoon that Lois (now Lois Lane Kent, although she still used 'Lois Lane' as her professional name) confirmed that Clark was indeed Superman. She sought out the Wizard and had him reverse the spell, restoring Clark's memory and he resumed his identity as Superman. Clark professed his own commitment to her and they renewed their vows in a Kryptonian ceremony and remained married.

Note: Having survived Crisis on Infinite Earths along with her husband, in Post-Crisis/New Earth continuity, Lois became sick with a mysterious illness, and died on a duplicate, underpopulated Earth-Two.


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