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Liberty Belle II (Jesse Chambers)
Liberty-belle II
New Earth
Real name Jesse Belle Chambers
Alias Jesse Quick; Liberty Belle II
Gender Female
Occupation Adventurer, Businesswoman
Alignment Good
Family Johnny Quick (Jonathan Chambers) (father, deceased); Liberty Belle I (Libby Lawrence) (mother); Hourman II (Rick Tyler) (spouse).
Affiliation Justice Society of America, Conglomerate, Teen Titans; Titans, Justice League of America
Homeworld Earth
First appearance (as Liberty Belle II) to be ascertained
Universe New Earth/Post-Crisis
Alternate versions see Liberty Belle (disambiguation)
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Jesse Chambers was the daughter of super-heroes Johnny Quick (Jonathan Chambers) and Liberty Belle. Her father taught Jesse the formula that let him draw energy from the Speed Force, 3x2(9yz)4a, hoping that she would become a superhero, which eventually happened. She was at various times a member of the Justice Society of America, Conglomerate, Teen Titans; Titans, and the Justice League of America. She also married fellow superhero, Hourman II (Rick Tyler), by which time she had changed her heroic name from Jesse Quick to Liberty Belle, after her mother.

New Earth/Post-Crisis[]

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