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Lex Luthor (Earth-One)
V-Lex Luthor
Earth One
Real name Lex Luthor
Alias Luthor; Super-Outlaw; Defender (of Lexor); Kryptonite Man; Amazing Man
Occupation Criminal scientist mastermind
Alignment Bad
Family Lena Luthor (sister); Ardora (spouse, deceased)
Affiliation Lexor (adopted homeworld, destroyed); A.P.E.
First appearance Action Comics vol 1 #199 (Dec 1954)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions see Lex Luthor (disambiguation)


Alexis "Lex" Luthor was born into a middle-class family household supported by his absentee father, a traveling salesman. Because his father was rarely around, it fell to Lex to take care of the family at home and cultivate the family's fields.

One day, Lex happened upon Superboy while working in the family fields on a tractor, where an undiscovered Kryptonite meteorite was sapping his strength away. The quick-thinking Luthor removed the meteorite from the vicinity by using his tractor to push the Kryptonite into a nearby quicksand bog, and introduced himself to Superboy, eagerly showing the Kryptonian teenager his collection.

However, in his excitement, Lex accidentally knocked over a beaker containing a flammable liquid and caused a chemical fire. Noticing this, Superboy arrived at the scene to extinguish the flames with his super-breath, but in the process he inadvertently blew a vial containing a strong acid into the proto-lifeform, disintegrating Lex's creation and causing Lex's hair to fall out from the resulting fumes.

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Lex Luthor