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Leadby Hand
Real name Lead
Alias Leadby Hand
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Occupation Singer
Family none known
Affiliation Metal Men
First appearance Metal Men vol 1 #37 (May 1969)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions Lead; Lead Girl
Metal Men logo


The Metal Men were finally declared to be so dangerous, they were to be scrapped and compressed into cubes in a junkyard. Surprise! The presiding judge was actually Mister Conan, head of a secret organization who believed the MM were useful but hampered by humanity's fear of them. So he faked their executions and had his group provide new 'human' identities for them all. Doctor Peter Pygmalion invented a flexible plastic skin for them.

Each of the MM excelled at their new professions: Gold became a philanthropist jet-setter, Platinum a supermodel, Lead and Tin a Simon and Garfunkel-styled singing duo, Mercury an avant-garde artist, and Iron an award-winning engineer.


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