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Lady Chronos (Jia)
New Earth
Real name Jia (last name unknown)
Alias Lady Chronos
Gender Female
Alignment Bad
Occupation Criminal
Family Dwarfstar (Sylbert Rundine) (son)
Affiliation Chronos (David Clinton)
First appearance The All-New Atom vol 1 #9 (May 2007)
Universe Post-Crisis/New Earth
Alternate versions none
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Jia, a young Chinese woman from Hong Kong, was the longtime sweetheart of the young and socially awkward Ryan Choi, a stereotypical nerd more interested in science than a social life. Eventually, Jia and Ryan parted, and she ended up marrying the local football jock, Alvin, a guy who at high school did his best to make Ryan's life miserable.

Ryan Choi, now an American teacher and the new Atom, at Ivy University, was contacted again by Jia, claiming that her husband, who had died in unclear circumstances, had resurfaced as an undead being who was harassing and stalking her. Ryan, still carrying a torch for Jia, returned to Hong Kong to fight the menace of Alvin, and his undead gang of bullies.

There Alvin revealed how Jia herself had brutally killed him, and she was far from being the helpless woman she pretended to be to rekindle her relationship with Ryan. They parted again.

Sometime after that, Jia came into possession of the research of the original Chronos, David Clinton, and became the third Chronos, or later Lady Chronos. Wearing a female version of Clinton's outfit, she allied with Clinton in his attempt to destroy Ivy Town and ruin the Atom's reputation for good. Using her knowledge about Ryan, she helped Chronos into faking a mail correspondence with Ryan, giving him the shrinking belt he eventually used to become the Atom, but planting the seeds of his downfall, trapping part of the denizens of Ivy Town in a microverse held in strange viral constructs hidden in Ryan's bloodstream.

With some help from the former Atom, Ray Palmer, Ryan dodged the bullet, but still felt responsible for Jia's wrongdoings.

Jia claims that Dwarfstar (Sylbert Rundine), master assassin and shrinking nemesis of Ryan, is her "firstborn". Whether she's speaking literally, or metaphorically as both men got their powers by her actions, remains to be seen.

Lady Chronos later became a mind-controlled pawn of Starro the Conqueror, along with Chronos. During her battle against Booster Gold for ensuring Starro's domination of the timestream, she revealed knowledge of some of the future adventures of Booster and his sister Goldstar, having observed and interacted with them.

Her romantic entanglements with Ryan Choi, Chronos and Booster Gold caused her to remain undecided on where her allegiances lay. She was helped Booster Gold defeat Starro's temporal conquest of the past and the future. After a brief kiss of passion between her and Booster, Jia returned to Chronos' side to travel through the timestream again.

New Earth/Post-Crisis[]