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Knor-El (Earth-200)
Knor Superman200 RT
Real name Knor-El
Alias Superman; Ken Clarkson
Occupation unknown
Alignment Good
Family Jor-El (father); Lara (mother); Kal-El (brother)
Affiliation Krypton (former homeworld); Kryptonopolis (home city); House of El
First appearance Superman vol 1 #200 (Oct 1967)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-200
Alternate versions see Superman disambiguation
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Knor-El's family lived in Kryptonopolis which was shrunk by a good-willed Brainiac. There was a competition to see who would become Earth's Superman, that Knor-El won. He took the identity Ken Clarkson and worked at the Daily Planet. During this time some unnamed invaders took Superman out of action using Green Kryptonite. Knor-El's brother, Kal-El, saw this and escaped Kryptonopolis in order to save his brother. The invaders used Green Kryptonite on him as well, and in this universe Green Kryptonite caused unpredictable effects. The brothers teamed up to defeat the invaders. Knor-El continued as Earth's Superman, while Kal-El took the identity of LeBlanc of Canada and became Earth's Hyperman.

Note: This was originally an 'imaginary story', but was later retconned into having taken place on Earth-200.