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Pre-Zero Hour
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Real name Klim
Alias Klim
Occupation Thief
Alignment Bad
Family none known
Affiliation Voran-4 Criminal Syndicate
First appearance Action Comics vol 1 #389 (Jun 1970)
Universe Pre-Zero Hour
Alternate versions none
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Klim was a super-equipped android and an interplanetary thief. He was created by disabled criminals imprisoned on Voran-4, who, unable to commit crimes themselves, had Klim do it for them.

He was captured on the planet Nara by Shrinking Violet, Cosmic Boy and Chemical King. Violet decapitated him, but his head, independent of his body, escaped. However, unknown to the Legion, a malfunction caused Klim to perceive his adversaries to be just one ‘composite’ Legionnaire, against whom he swore revenge.

Klim’s body soon freed itself and flew off to rejoin his head, but was pursued to Voran 4 by the same three Legionnaires. Finding his underground lair, they evaded several traps and – incidentally – immobilised Klim’s body.

Klim’s head threatened to destroy the three Legionnaires with his stun-vision, intensified by the prisma-glass surrounding his head. His earlier delusion about the Legionnaire who’d defeated him before was revealed and explained. Again Violet saved the day, this time by altering Klim’s voice circuits and shattering the prisma-glass to eliminate the threat.

Classic period (Adventure Comics/Action Comics)[]