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Real name Kizo
Alias none known
Occupation Criminal
Alignment Bad
Family U-Ban (brother); Mala (brother)
Affiliation Krypton (homeworld); Evil Three
First appearance Superman vol 1 #65 (Jul 1950)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-Two
Alternate versions none known
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The three brothers, Mala, Kizo and U-Ban were natives of the planet Krypton. Some years before Krypton exploded the trio tried to take over the planet by threatening to remove all moisture from the atmosphere with one of their inventions. They were stopped by Jor-El, and as punishgemnt they were put in suspended animation and sent into outer space, as an alternative to the death penalty.

Many years later they were freed when their rocketship was struck by a piece of space debris. They found their way to Earth, where they met Superman. The brothers built a machine that hypnotized Earth's population. Superman destroyed the machine, but was overwhelmed by the might of the brothers. He tricked the brothers into fighting each other, until they were exhausted. Superman then put them back into suspended animation and returned them to space.

Years later, the Evil Three escaped again, after their rocket was again struck by a piece of space debris. Kizo and U-Ban went to the planet Saturn but Mala decided to get revenge on Superman. As he looked exactly like Superman, he disguised himself as Clark Kent and then admitted to the public that he was Superman (never realizing that Superman really was Clark Kent).

Mala summoned his brothers from Saturn and prepared to destroy Earth. Superman arrived and again tricked them, this time into entering their space capsule, putting them back into suspended animation once again.