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  • First appearance: Superboy vol 1 #183 (Mar 1972)

In a parallel universe, Krypton explodes and the infant named Kal-El is rocketed to Earth. However, through a twist of fate, the spacecraft lands in the African jungle instead of on the outskirts of Smallville. The crash terrifies the local gorillas, but later their curiosity leads them to investigate. Two of the tribe discover the infant. The baby is crying due to the pain caused by a chunk of green kryptonite lodged in the ship. One of the apes tells the other, a female named Keena, to leave him. Keena will not abandon him for the serpents to eat.

Keena, a barren female, raises the child as her own, naming him Karkan the Mighty in the gorilla tongue. Years pass and Karkan grows into a powerful and resourceful teenager.