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Possible future
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Real name Kaleb
Alias Kaleb; Superman
Alignment Good
Gender Male
Occupation Resistance fighter
Family none known
Affiliation none known
Homeworld Hydros
First appearance Superman: Man of Steel vol 1 Annual #5 (Nov 1996)
Universe Legends of the Dead Earth
Alternate versions see Superman (disambiguation)


Kaleb of Hydros was a galactic resistance fighter against the Emperor, Lex Luthor LX. Luthor was systematically destroying all planets that met the specifications and criteria necessary for their citizens to gain super-powers under the sun of another world. While attempting to destroy the planet Hydros in this manner, a group of rebels managed to sneak onto the planet and rescue its last remaining survivor, a man named Kaleb. Once off-world, Kaleb began to absorb the radiation of yellow solar energy, and became the hero the rebels had been waiting for, the return of the legendary Superman.

Legends of the Dead Earth[]