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Johnny Quick (Earth-Three)
Johnny Quick-Elph
Real name Unknown
Alias Johnny Quick
Alignment Bad
Family none known
Affiliation Crime Syndicate of America
First appearance Justice League of America vol 1 #29 (Aug 1964)
Appearance of death Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 (Apr 1985)
Universe Earth-Three/Pre-Crisis
Alternate versions see Flash and Johnny Quick disambiguations
Crime Syndicate logo


The man known as Johnny Quick was born with enhanced speed and later found a helmet that allowed him to boost his considerable speed greater levels. He adopted the name 'Johnny Quick' he began his lifelong career of criminal conquest. He joined the Crime Syndicate of America, a team that used their power to virtually conquer the world.

After this, Johnny Quick and his fellow Crime Syndicate members challenged the combined forces of the Earth-One Justice League of America and Earth-Two Justice Society of America. Not able to withstand the combined mights of two Earths' greatest super-beings, the Crime Syndicate was defeated and imprisoned in an extra-dimensional bubble created by the Earth-One Green Lantern.

A cycle of escape and imprisonment continued until the Crisis on Infinite Earths when Johnny Quick - along with everyone else in Earth-Three's universe - died and was completely erased from history with the reset of the single surviving universe, except for Superman of Earth-Two and Alexander Luthor Jr. who remembered this Johnny Quick and his native world.