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Joe Chill (Golden Age)
Real name Joe Chill
Alias none known
Gender Male
Occupation Criminal
Alignment Bad
Family none known
Affiliation none known
First appearance Detective Comics vol 1 #33 (Nov 1939)
First appearance Batman vol 1 #47 (Jun 1948)
Universe Pre-Crisis;/Earth-Two
Alternate versions Joe Chill
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Joe Chill was a cheap mugger when, one night, he tried to rob a wealthy couple who were walking home with their young son. They were Thomas and Martha Wayne. Chill shot and killed both the Waynes in front of their son. This incident made Bruce swear to avenge their deaths and spend the rest of his life warring on all criminals. As an adult, he adopted the identity of the Batman, and terrorised criminals in Gotham City.

Years later, Batman found that Chill had become owner of a trucking company, and using the trucks in a racket to smuggle crooks over state lines. Chill fled from Batman, seeking to shield himself behind the criminals he was employing as truck drivers. He told them that, because he had killed Batman's parents, he was responsible for the Caped Crusader's existence. Instead of supporting Chill, however, the other criminals turned on him in anger and killed him.