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The daughter of a minor Hungarian nobleman, the woman known only as Jeannette was sent to live at Castle Csejte, home of the infamous Countess Bathory, when she was nine years old. Her parents hoped she would learn the manners of the court. Instead, she encountered some of the worst depravity imaginable, and became so traumatized that she lost her ability to speak. The Countess tortured hundreds of peasant girls, and Jeannette was forced to watch them all.

Eventually, Bathory was overthrown and locked in a cell. Jeannette begged her captors to let her continue serving the Bloody Lady, and in this capacity, she slowly poisoned the Countess by putting ground glass in her food. When it was learned what she had done, Jeannette was sentenced to death, but her executioner was a drunk, and his attempted blows left her in great pain, but still alive. Somewhere in all this, she lost her humanity, and became a banshee.

Throughout the centuries that followed, Jeannette encountered more bad luck; she spent time in prisons like Kilmainham Gaol in Ireland, the Gulags in Russia, and some of the nastier prisons in China. While in the Gulag, she met Scandal Savage, who became a great friend of hers, and this led to her joining the Secret Six.