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Jade (Kingdom Come)
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Real name Jennie-Lynn Hayden
Affiliation Silent Cavalry
Family Alan Scott, aka Green Lantern (father); Todd Rice, aka Obsidian (brother)
First appearance Kingdom Come vol 1 #2 (Jun 1996)
Universe Kingdom Come/Earth-22
Alternate versions see Jade (disambiguation)
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Jade was the daughter of Alan Scott who took up the mantle of Green Lantern after Kyle Rayner. Due to her natural-born ability, she has all the powers of a Green Lantern without needing a ring. She and her brother Obsidian joined Batman's team. They infiltrated Lex Luthor's Mankind Liberation Front and, once they discovered that Luthor was brainwashing Captain Marvel, they attacked and incarcerated the MLF members. Jade participated in the Gulag battle in which she saved herself, her father, and some other heroes from the U.N. nuclear bombing.

Kingdom Come/Earth-22[]