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Green Lantern (2011)

Real Name Sodam Yat
Affiliation Green Lantern Corps
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Sector 1760
Planet of Origin Daxam
Gender Male
First Appearance Green Lantern Annual #2 1986
Appearance of Death
Era Post-Crisis
Sodam Yat (Earth Zero) none


Sodam Yat was born a Daxamite, having become one of the most powerful characters in current continuity. Sodam Yat was prophesied to be a future member of the Green Lantern Corps, mentioned in passing to Abin Sur by a demon named Qull of the Five Inversions, who had been imprisoned on the planet Ysmault by the Guardians of the Universe. As a Daxamite (a race with inherent Superman like powers) with a Power Ring, he would be nearly unstoppable. Despite this, in Qull's prophecy, he is still defeated as part of the final destruction of the Green Lantern Corps.