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Infectious Lass (Earth-247)
V5 infectious lass
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Real name Drura Sehpt
Alias Infectious Lass
Occupation Legion Academy Cadet
Alignment Good
Family none known
Affiliation Legion Academy (Earth-247)
Homeworld Somahtur
First appearance Legionnaires vol 1 #43 (Feb 1996)
Universe Earth-247
Alternate versions see Infectious Lass disambiguation
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Infectious Lass was among the many who applied for membership of the Legion of Super-Heroes at a large open call, and were rejected.

Some time later, she was accepted as a cadet at the Legion of Super-Heroes Academy on Legion World.

When all the power in Metropolis was shut off due to the machinations of Devil and her gang, Chameleon called the Academy Cadets into action. Infectious Lass and a handful of other cadets helped defeat Devil's accomplices, Lantern and Arrow.