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Ibis the Invincible
Ibis joe
Golden Age
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Real name Amentep
Alias Ibis the Invincible; Prince Amentep
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Occupation Sorceror; Superhero
Family Taia (spouse)
Affiliation All-Star Squadron
First appearance Whiz Comics vol 1 #2 (Feb 1940)
Universe Fawcett Comics/Golden Age
Alternate versions none


Ibis the Invincible was Prince Amentep, a superhero and powerful sorcerer. Born a Prince of Egypt, he was given the Ibistick by Thoth. His partner and love is Princess Taia. When the Black Pharaoh usurped his throne and wounded Taia, Ibis placed both of them in suspended animation to heal and they were revived in the present.

Fawcett Comics/Golden Age[]