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I Ching
Real name I-Ching
Alias none
Occupation Martial arts expert; Philosopher
Alignment Good
Family Lu Shan (daughter)
Affiliation Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)
First appearance Wonder Woman vol 1 #179 (Dec 1968)
Appearance of death Wonder Woman vol 1 #204 (Feb 1973)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions none
Wonder Woman family logo HY


I-Ching was a martial arts expert. He became a friend and mentor to Diana Prince at a time when she had left Paradise Island and given up her Wonder Woman identity and powers. I-Ching trained her body as a weapon, and she learned martial arts and weapons skills.

The old master spent much time with Diana, travelling all over the world to stop Doctor Cyber, and later also Lu Shan, I-Ching's daughter. She had allied herself with Cyber to exact revenge for the death of her mother.

I-Ching was later murdered by a mad sniper, who was gunning down innocent people from his rooftop vantage point. I-Ching died in Diana's arms.