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Human Key
Human key the villain dc
Real Name Paul Bodin
Alias Human Key
Occupation Escape artist
Alignment Bad (under duress)
Family none known
Affiliation none known
First appearance Detective Comics vol 1 #132 (Feb 1948)
Universe Pre-Crisis;/Earth-Two
Alternate versions none
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As a child, Paul Bodin played the violin but soon he realized he had a natural talent for opening locks. As an adult, he became a successful escape artist but retired from the business to take care of his only daughter. On occasion, Batman approached Bodin to learn some tricks in safecracking.

Some time later, a new villain appeared in Gotham under the name of the The Human Key. Batman and Robin confronted the criminal, but during their various encounters they realized that Key was leaving subtle clues behind him. This led to the eventual capture of the criminals part of Key's gang and the revelation that the Human Key was in fact Bodin. He had been forced into becoming Key to save his daughter's life, who had been kidnapped by the criminals. After the case was solved, the criminals were arrested and all charges against Bodin were dropped.