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Hawkman (One Million)
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Real name Mahol Toj
Alias Hawkman
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Occupation Commander, 17th Thanagarian Fusiliers
Family none known
Affiliation Hawkmen of Thanagar
First appearance Action Comics vol 1 #1,000,000 (Nov 1998)
Universe DC One Million
Alternate versions see Hawkman disambiguation


Having returned to Earth after thousands of years in self-imposed exile, Superman competed in feats of strength to celebrate his return. The corrupt sentient sun, Solaris, manipulated the contest and spread the rumor that Superman was actually a Bizarro. The Hawkmen of the 853rd Century arrested Superman, but they believed that he might be telling the truth since he showed restraint while fleeing the mob. The Hawkmen took Superman to the last functioning Metal Man, Platinum, who was able to confirm Superman's identity.

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