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Earth One
Real name Thomas Quigley
Alias The Hangman
Occupation Criminal lawyer
Alignment Bad
Family Marcia Quigley (wife, deceased)
Affiliation none known
First appearance Brave and the Bold vol 1 #177 (Aug 1981)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions none
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The Hangman was a serial killer who began stalking the Board of Directors of Gotham City's infamous 'Hangman Club'. The Hangman Club was a rehabilitation center for ex-offenders who needed help to find jobs and stay off the streets of Gotham.

The Hangman's motive at first, seemed to be about hanging all the Board Members in order to gain monies from the Hangman Club's Treasury. However, it was later discovered that the true motive for killing off the Board Members was to fool the police into thinking that a maniacal killer was on the loose. By hanging his wife, who also served on the board, the Hangman hoped to gain her inheritance.