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Goldstar is Michelle Carter, Booster Gold's sister and partner in his adventures through time. The first Goldstar was Trixie Collins, a young woman fascinated by Booster Gold.

Booster Gold's sister, Michelle Carter became the second Goldstar.. When Booster traveled back to his time to cure himself of a fatal disease, he was able to reconnect with the sister he left behind. Michelle ended up returning with him to the past. Deciding that she wanted to see more of the world during this era, she used Booster's money to go on an extended vacation. Unknown to her brother, she took the Goldstar uniform along with her so she could better know what it was like to do what her brother did in this time. In her own way, she ended up carrying on the family tradition of becoming a superhero by stealing her costume.

Unfortunately, her adventures as Goldstar got her into trouble with some aliens scheming to invade Earth. She was used as a pawn in their schemes until Booster Gold came to her aid. He was sadly unable to save her, and she died in an explosion.

At her funeral, Booster had Dr. Fate send her tombstone in a different realm were it will be forever safe.

Years later, Goldstar returned due to the intervention of Rip Hunter in the moment of her death. He took her a moment before the explosive blast killed her, claiming that since she was from the future he had could exploit a loophole to save her from her fate. All she was told was that her brother now adventured through time to protect it and that she would be of great help. She was not told how she had died in his past.

Goldstar then became her brother's partner in his adventures through time and would sometimes vacation with him in various time periods. During one adventure, she impersonated Batgirl and got into an altercation with Barbara Gordon. During these adventures, Booster and Rip continued to hide from her the fact that she had died in the past. This would not remain a secret for long. When Goldstar was taken hostage by a disembodied Rex Hunter, she was brought to a time portal where he showed her the truth. She was able to see it for herself. Over and over again, she put herself through watching the moment of her death and Rip Hunter's intervention. She could not get over the truth that she was supposed to be dead.

Only Skeets was with Goldstar as she discovered the truth about her death and was not able to provide much comfort to her as she used the time portal to see all of Booster's life she had missed while dead. She wanted to know why she was lied to. Skeets' answer that no one wanted to upset her only made things worse. She was not going to be manipulated and treated as some fragile little child. Using her magnetism, she disabled Skeets. The time portal was at her disposal, and she was going to use it. As soon as she could decide when and where to go. She was gone by the time Booster returned.


As Batgirl[]