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Girl Archer (Linda Reed)
Real name Linda Reed
Alias Girl Archer
Occupation not known
Alignment Good
Family Ramona Reed (twin sister); Unnamed criminal father
Affiliation none known
First appearance Adventure Comics vol 1 #167 (Aug 1951)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-Two
Alternate versions none
Green Arrow family logo HY


Linda Reed was the twin sister of Hollywood starlet Ramona Reed. She was an archery champion in her home state Minnesota and was used in a publicity stunt by Paragon Films boss Jack Swain. Swain wanted Green Arrow in his movies, and after he declined, Swain decided to posit star Ramona Reed as a better archer. Ramona had no archery skill, so Linda acted as a double for her sister.

This stunt attracted the attention of gangster Big Bill Larson, who knew the girls' father was imprisoned in Minnesota for embezzlement and wanted to use the archery skills for burglaries. Linda agreed, begrudgedly, though Ramona didn't know.

Green Arrow quickly found out Ramona knew nothing about archery and lacked an archer's trademark finger bruises, and uncovered the secret after a bit of detective work. The sister switch was uncovered and, because the only burglary Linda was involved in failed, she wasn't linked to the crime.