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Real name Giselle Smith
Alias Gazelle
Occupation Adventurer
Alignment Good
Family Unnamed parents
Affiliation UP Young Heroes; Legion of Super-Heroes (Earth-Prime); Triton (homeworld)
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes vol 5 #37 (Feb 2008)
Universe Earth-Prime
Alternate versions none
Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 5 Logo


Giselle Smith, of Neptune’s moon Triton, had the ability to control her own body metabolism, accelerating it to gain temporarily increased speed, strength and agility, or suspending it to induce a hibernatory state. When alien destroyers attacked Triton, Giselle aided the Legion of Super-Heroes in defence. Invisible Kid developed a crush on Giselle. Giselle rebuffed invitations to join the Legion.

Sometime later, the formation of the UP Young Heroes was announced, with Giselle – now ‘Gazelle’ – among its members. Created as a more ‘manageable’ version of the Legion, the UPYH rapidly came unstuck when their undertrained and mostly inadequately-powered members were sent into situations beyond their abilities. Gazelle became quickly disillusioned with the UPYH, and successfully applied for Legion membership.