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Futuro (Earth-132)
Real name Xan-Du
Alias Futuro
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Occupation Scientist
Family none known
Affiliation Krypton (homeworld)
First appearance Superman vol 1 #132 (Oct 1959)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-132
Alternate versions none known
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Batman and Robin visited Superman in his Fortress of Solitude and together they asked the Super Univac to redict what Superman's life would have been like had Krypton not exploded.

Krypton was saved from exploding by a scientist, Professor Zin-Da. Jor-El and Lara had a second son, Zal-El. Kal-El wanted to join the space patrol, but when he came to have his lifelong job selected by the skill machine, it decided he should join the patrol - as a dispatcher, who never left the planet. His teacher, Professor Xan-Du, showed him a 'super-static ray' machine he had invented that transformed things unpredictably. Later, Xan-Du fell into the machine himself and acquired super-powers.

Xan-Du became a superhero, adopting the name 'Futuro'. Kal-El discovered his secret identity, and became his best pal. Later, Futuro also found a fault in the skill machine that had caused an incorrect conclusion to be drawn on Kal's future occupation. Tragically, after Kal had adopted his true vocation, his parents and younger brother were killed in a space accident while Futuro was busy elsewhere.

A spaceship from Earth arrived unexpectedly, with reporter Lois Lane stowed away inside. Lois and Futuro fell for each other, and they departed for Earth together - Futuro would still have super-powers there. Unwilling to leave Krypton without a superhero, Xan-Du used the final remaining charge of his super-static machine on Kal-El, giving him super-powers and so turning him to Krypton's own Superman.

Note: Originally an 'imaginary story', this was later retconned as having taken place in an alternate universe, Earth-132.