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Futureman XL-49
Futureman xl 49 dc
Real name XL-49
Alias Futureman; Jack Wilton
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Occupation Librarian
Family none known
Affiliation Unnamed 30th century Library
First appearance Superman vol 1 #121 (May 1958)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One/30th Century
Alternate versions none
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XL-49 time-travelled from the 30th century to the present where he professed his love for Lois Lane and asked her to marry him. He called himself 'Futureman', had the same powers as Superman, and he told Lois that he was given the powers by 30th century scientists. He also revealed his secret identity to her, telling her he trusted her absolutely. Lois was deeply impressed but still loved Superman more. Still, her attempts to get Superman to propose failed, and she felt that to marry XL-49 might be her best chance. She finally agreed to go with him to the 30th century.

As a farewell gift, Superman gave her a golden plaque engraved with the names of her friends at the Daily Planet and Superman himself. Then Lois noticed that, hidden in the names on the plaque was the message "I love you". Reading that gave her hope and she decided to return.

Superman assumed he had set the message subconsciously, but in fact it was all Futureman's scheme to try to get Superman and Lois together.

Note: The cover of Superman #121 refers to the 22nd century, but the story refers to the 30th.