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Flederweb (Glorithverse)
Flederweb Rat
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Real name Unknown
Alias Flederweb
Gender Male
Occupation Khundish hero
Alignment Neutral
Family none known
Affiliation Legion of Super-Heroes (Glorithverse); Khundish Heroes
Affiliation Khundia (assumed)
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes vol 4 #44 (Jun 1993)
Universe Glorithverse
Alternate versions none
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Flederweb was one of four Khundish heroes chosen by Warlord Galmark to accompany the Legion of Super-Heroes in their fight against Mordru. Neither Flederweb’s real name nor the exact nature of his powers were ever revealed to the Legion. But he could fly with his leathery bat-wings, and could cling to any surface at whatever improbable angle took his fancy. He was described as Khundia’s finest bounty-hunter and was more than competent in battle with the undead hordes of Mordru, surviving unscathed while two of his Khundish colleagues, Blood Claw and Firefist, met their deaths. Once Mordru was defeated, Galmark, unsurprisingly, reneged on his agreement with the UP, and reclaimed his two surviving heroes – somewhat against their wills.

Not long after, the inevitable conflict between the Khunds and the UP began in earnest. Universo masterminded a plot to discredit the Legionnaires, and so they had to go on the run in disguise. While trying to clear their name they came into conflict with the UP Military Academy and with the real Khunds (including Veilmist, Flederweb and an unexpectedly alive again Firefist), now augmented by the Heroes of Lallor.

During the conflict, Brainiac 5 found that Flederweb had been outfitted with a Titanian mental restrictor device by the Khunds. Freed of control, Flederweb aided the Legionnaires fight off an attack on Weber's World and try to dismantle the bombs Firefist had set on the planet. When Universo’s deceit was undone and the UP had resolved to push the defeated Khunds back within their former space, Flederweb joined the Heroes of Lallor – also freed from mental control – and returned with them to their world.

Glorithverse (LSH vol 4/Legionnaires vol 1 #1-18)[]