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Flamebird (Ak-Var)
Ak-Var flamebird-Elph
Earth One
Real name Ak-Var
Alias Flamebird
Alignment Good, formerly bad
Family Thara Gem-Zee (spouse); Gem-Zee (father-in-law); Rad-Zee (brother-in-law)
Affiliation Krypton (former homeworld); Nightwing and Flamebird; Kandor (adopted home city)
First appearance (as Flamebird) Superman Family vol 1 #183 (Jun 1977)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions see Ak-Var and Flamebird (disambiguation)
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Ak-Var was one of the few Phantom Zone criminals to be released and not return to a life of crime. Freed by Superman, he went to live in the Bottle City of Kandor. There he took on the role of superhero 'Flamebird' when Van-Zee (Pre-Crisis) adopted the role of 'Nightwing'; the heroes created by Superman and Jimmy Olsen (Pre-Crisis) under the guidance of Nor-Kann.


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